We are your coding partner that offers design, creation and implementation of websites.


We offer customised web design and development based on requirements and web-based functionality.

  • Corporate Website

    Corporate Website

  • Service Recruitment Website

    Service /
    Recruitment Website

  • Multilingual Website


  • Landing Page

    Landing Page

  • Web Application

    Web Application

  • System Screen

    System Screen

  • Game Console Interface

    Game Console

  • Digital Signage

    Digital Signage

Scoping Process – Coding Factory

  • Requirement Definition
    • Website Survey

    • Renewal Scope Formulation

    • CMS Selection

    • Project Scheduling

    • Project System Construction

  • Design
    • CMS Design

    • API Design

    • UI Design

    • RWD Design

    • Coding Guidelines Design

    • Mass Production Coding Design

    • Production Environment Design

    • Public Design

  • Production
    • Coding

      • Template Coding

      • Module Coding
        (Component, Style Guide, Parts)

      • Page Coding

    • CMS Construction

    • CMS Operation Manual Creation

    • Browser Verification

    • Scenario Check

    • Accessibility Support

We have 2 different types of payment plan.

Deliverables-based contracts

We have developed our own process model for web development cost estimation. This plan is mainly based on the number of projects and requirements.

  • Project Deliverables

    Project Deliverables

    Our job is completed when your project(s) is delivered at expected time and date.

  • Requirements / Number of Projects

    Requirements / Number of Projects

    We create a detailed quotation based on project specifications and estimation of time of development.

  • Flexible With Your Budget Reduce Unnecessary Costs

    Flexible With Your Budget
    Reduce Unnecessary Costs

    We remove unnecessary additional costs and work flexibly within your budget.

  • Effective Task Allocation

    Effective Task Allocation

    Clients know what to expect, and engineers know what to code.

Time-and-materials contracts

We assign specific engineers to join your team based on a timed basis. After gathering requirements and discussing the project's needs with your team, designated team or engineers from Coding Factory will join you.

  • Time-Based Contract

    Time-Based Contract

    We provide services on a timed basis according to specifications and project status.

  • Team / Members

    Team / Members

    Our specialists will be assigned to join your team to work through the various stages of web development.

  • Flexible With Your Project Scope

    Flexible With Your Project Scope

    Although the project specification is open-ended, we are more than happy to support you.

  • Effective Production

    Effective Production

    Manage tasks fast and productively to help you meet your goals.

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