Privacy Policy

1. Basic Policy

Personal information is a valuable personal possession, and it is immensely important to appropriately use and protect it.
Therein, all individuals working at monosus must protect customer information and live up to the trust customers place in us by adhering to the Compliance Program that was created to ensure the protection of personal information and by handling personal information accurately and in a safe manner.

2. The purpose of the Compliance Program pertaining to personal information

  1. The Compliance Program provides standards for appropriate personal information collection and usage, and serves as operating rules for such.
  2. The Compliance Program sets forth a code of conduct and a set of specific rules to prevent unauthorized access of personal information and the loss, damage, falsification, leaking, etc. of personal information.

3. Organizational actions

The following actions are implemented to actualize the Basic Policy.

  1. monosus executives and all individuals working at monosus are made to comply with laws and ordinances concerning personal information and other related codes.
  2. monosus appoints and maintains a Personal Information Protection Manager and invests the Manager with the responsibility and authority to implement and manage the Compliance Program.
  3. monosus appoints and maintains a Personal Information Protection Audit Administrator, implements personal information protection audits, and based on the audit results, revises the Compliance Program and strives to improve the management of the Program.
  4. monosus requests cooperation from companies and individuals involved in transactions with monosus in order to achieve the purpose of the Compliance Program.
  5. monosus makes viewing this Basic Policy possible at any time by displaying it on the monosus website.
  6. monosus strives to constantly improve the Compliance Program.

4. Handling personal information

  1. The collection, usage, and supplying of personal information
    When monosus collects personal information, it clearly states the purpose of collection to the customer, limits the usage of collected personal information to a scope required for achieving that purpose, and handles the personal information appropriately.
  2. Respect for rights
    monosus respects personal rights concerning personal information, and when an individual requests the disclosure, correction, or deletion of their own personal information, monosus complies in a reasonable amount of time and within an acceptable scope.
  3. The implementation of safety measures
    monosus maintains the Compliance Program and implements safety measures so as to prevent trouble such as unauthorized access of personal information and the loss, damage, falsification, or leaking, etc. of personal information.


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Google Analytics

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monosus inc. has the right to, at the discrepancy of monosus inc., delete any text that goes against public order and standards of decency, infringes on intellectual property rights, contributes to the leaking of personal information, or is otherwise deemed by monosus inc. as inappropriate, both before and after the text appears on this website.

Prohibited conduct

In the usage of this website, conduct that is or potentially could be any of the following acts is prohibited.

  • Infringing upon the legitimate rights of monosus or a third party such as all intellectual property rights, image rights, publicity rights, etc., including property rights and copyrights
  • Slandering other users or third parties
  • Causing detriment or harm to other users or third parties
  • Conduct that goes against public order and standards of decency
  • Profit oriented conduct related to this website without the authorization of monosus
  • Disrupting the operation of this website
  • Registering fallacious information
  • Any other conduct monosus deems as inappropriate

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